Solar rooftop system price for Home

Residential consumers are broadly divided in two categories depending upon the supply voltage and type, 1-Phase & 3-Phase residential consumer. 

Small and medium load consumers are connected to the grid by 1-Phase energy meter whereas large houses, bungalows are generally connected by 3-Phase energy meter.

1. OFF-GRID Solar Rooftop System:-

Off-Grid solar rooftop system is preferred for the residential consumers in hilly, coastal & rural areas where continuity of electric supply is not available. It consist of Solar Panels, batteries & inverter. Solar Panels generates electricity during daytime part of energy is used to store the energy in batteries.

Customer shall choose inverter of 2.0-2.5 times the the total connected load of his house to meet the future demand and as well as the for the purpose of inductive load. With the latest technological advancement off-grid inverters of higher capacities are also available in the market.

Apollo Universe is having wide range of off-grid solar rooftop systems with Poly-Crystalline and Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels both at competitive pricing. 

Ex., Consumer having total connected load of 3 kW may choose 5.5 kW - 6.5 kW inverter & likewise. Loom Solar 5 Kilowatt Solar Rooftop System is available at 50% discount at Apollo Universe.

2. ON-GRID Solar Rooftop System:-

On-Grid Solar Rooftop System is preferred by the customers where continuous electric supply is available ex. metro cities, district place etc., ON-GRID solar system is installed only to reduce the electricity bills. Since, batteries are not used in ON-GRID Solar rooftop system in case of power failure there is no backup to the customer.

Customer has to choose ON-GRID solar system of minimum 1 kilowatt and above as per the regulation of the local distribution companies. Since, no batteries are involved in ON-GRID solar system it is cheaper than OFF-GRID solar system.

Apollo Universe is offering ON-GRID solar rooftop installation for the residential consumer of Maharashtra only.

Particulars OFF-GRID System ON-GRID System
Pricing 65-75 Rs/Watt 45-60 Rs/Watt
Target To give backup To reduce electricity bills
Net Meter N.A. Applicable
Installation Time 8-12 days 3-4 months
Return period 5-5.5 Years 4.5-5 Years
Battery Warranty 5 Years N.A.
Electricity Bills Reduces up to 80-90% Reduces up to 85-95%
Solar system for home

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