Solar Rooftop System for Water Purification Plant

India, especially  in rural area needs safe & hygienic drinking water. Also, rural areas suffer frequent power cuts and breakdown and hence it is essential to set up Solar Powered water treatment plant (RO) with battery backup system in rural/semi urban area. Solar system shall be designed to run the Water Treatment Plant by Solar with 3-4 Hr. battery back-up time. Approximately 25-30% of Indian villages have no protected drinking water source. Water purification is used to remove undesirable chemicals, suspended solids from the water.

Off-grid/Hybrid Solar rooftop system:- It consist of solar panels, inverter & batteries. Solar panels used to generate electricity and charge the batteries during daytime. During night, batteries provide backup depending upon the load. Solar C-10 or Lithium batteries shall be used in off-grid system to maximize the backup and smooth functioning of the system.

 Solar Rooftop System for R O Plant

Water plant capacity & electrical parameters:-  Water treatment or R O Plant capacity is defined in LPH  (Liters per hour).

Plant Capacity Phase Electrical Load (HP)
500 LPH 1-Phase 2-2.5 HP 
1000 LPH 1-Phase 3-3.5 HP
2000 LPH 1/3-Phase 3.5-4 HP
5000 LPH 3-Phase 5 HP


Understanding starting torque of induction machine:- In case of induction machine starting torque is directly proportional to the the current. Hence, starting current is generally 5-7 times the rated current of the machine. Hence, solar system shall meet the starting torque criteria of the induction machine used for R O Plant. 

Recommended inverter capacities:- Solar inverter shall be selected in such a way that starting torque of the induction machine shouldn't cause any trouble. As per thumb rule inverter of 1.8-2.0 times the rated capacity of water treatment plant shall be selected. 

Plant electrical load Recommended Solar Inverter Capacity
2 HP (1.5 kW) 3 KW (3.75 kVA)
4 HP (3.0 kW) 6 kW (7.5 kVA)
5 HP (3.75 kW) 7 kW (10 kVA) 
10 HP (7.5 kW) 12 kW (15 kVA)


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Solar rooftop system for ro plant

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