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1 Kilowatt solar rooftop system comes in 12 Volt (1-Battery) & 24 Volt (2 Battery) system. 24 Volt system shall be preferred as it offers higher output and capable to deliver better performance. Also, inverter of higher capacity shall be selected. 

  • Electrical Parameters-

1 Kilowatt off-grid solar rooftop system is able to generate 4-5 units/day (4,000-5,000 watts/day) during day time. During night hours power from the battery is used to run electrical load. In market there are numerous types of solar panels are available be it Poly-Crystalline, Mono-Crystalline, Half-Cut & Bi-Facial solar panels. 

Bi-Facial & Half Cut solar panels offers 20-25% more efficiency as compared to the Poly-Crystalline solar panels & offers performance warranty up to 30 years. 

  • Monthly Generation & Saving-

1 Kilowatt off-grid solar rooftop system generated 4-5 units/day and hence one can expect 120-150 units/month. 1 kW Bi-Facial solar rooftop system generates 160-180 units/month. 

  • Return on investment (ROI):-

With 1 Kilowatt off-grid solar rooftop system one can expect return on investment (ROI) of 4-5 years depending upon the usage. 

  • Product contains-

  1. Solar Panels- 3 Nos 

  2. Solar Inverter (2500 or 2750 vA)- 1 Nos 

  3. Solar C-10 Batteries, 150 Ah- 2 Nos 

  • Maximum Load Supported-

Ceiling Fan

4 Nos 

LED Light (20 W-30 W)

4 Nos

TV (55 inch)

1 Nos

Refrigerator (300 Ltr)

1 Nos

Air Cooler

1 Nos

0.7 HP Water Pump

1 Nos


  • Buy 1 KW Solar Kit - 

  1. 1 Kilowatt Waaree Energies or Luminous Solar Poly-Crystalline Solar Rooftop System,@69,000/-Rs buy here

  2. 1 Kilowatt Waaree Energies Mono-Crystalline Solar Rooftop System,@75,000/-Rs buy here

  3. 1 Kilowatt Waaree Energies or Loom Solar Half-Cut, Mono-Crystalline Solar Rooftop System,@85,000/-Rs buy here

  4. 1 Kilowatt Adani Solar Bi-Facial Solar Rooftop System @87,000/-Rs buy here

1 kilowatt solar system price

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