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  •  Importance of solar panels-

Solar energy is free and renewable form of energy. The Earth receives 174 petawatts (PW) of incoming solar radiation (insolation) at the upper atmosphere. While Bharat (India) receives nearly 5,000 trillion kWH per year. That is huge amount of energy and if we use sensibly then our most of energy needs will be fulfilled by solar energy.

Almost all solar panels are made up of silicon (Si). Solar panels collect solar energy in the form of sunlight and convert that into electricity. Solar panels are comprised of several individual solar cells which are themselves composed of layers of silicon, phosphorous and boron. 

Solar panels are categorized based upon the technology such as Poly-crystalline, Mono-crystalline, Half Cut and latest Bi-Facial solar panels. Tesla has manufactured solar bricks.

  • Life of solar panels-

Generally life of solar panels is more than 40 years and they are build to last forever. However efficiency of solar panels decreases every year and hence output.   

Generally most premium panel manufactures such as LG, Adani Solar, Trina Solar (China) and Nexus solar offers performance warranty of 30 years. While companies such as Loom Solar, Waaree, Vikram, Tata, UTL offers performance warranty of up tp 25 years.

  • Types of solar rooftop system in India-

Solar system is broadly classified in to 4 main categories depending upon the usage and system installation-

(1) On-Grid System - Connected with the distribution company 

(2) Off-Grid system-  No need of distribution company supply (battery system)

(3) VFD/Pump System - Used for pumping in agriculture or industrial purpose

(4) DC Home Light System - DC output system for huts/camps, small vendors etc

  • Apollo Universe - 

Apollo Universe (www.apollouniverse) is the online portal owned and managed by Insolation Solutions Pvt. Ltd., company registered under Indian Companies act. Insolation Solutions Pvt. Ltd is the authorized distributor of M/s. Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd and M/s. Zun Roof Tech Pvt. Ltd in the Akola district of Maharashtra. is the safe and secure portal to purchase the solar products and services. We offer guaranteed shipping within 48 hours for our customers and solar rooftop installation within 15 days for our customers.  

  • Purchase and installation- 

To purchase solar panels, inverters & combo packs visit and select product or services you required. One can purchase solar panels from Loom Solar, Waaree Energies, Adani Solar, Trina Solar, Usha Shriram etc. Apollo Universe is also offering free AMC (Annual Maintenance Service) up to 3 years on purchase of solar rooftop systems.

One can even purchase solar panels on EMI simply by selecting Cashfree as payment gateway & selecting EMI option under that.  

Cash on Delivery (COD), Apollo Universe offers cash on delivery up to 25,000/-Rs for it's customers and offers free delivery all over Bharat (India)

  • Return and refund process- 

Apollo Universe offers transparent return and refund policy. One can easily claim 10 day easy return policy for the products purchased from 


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