Top 10 solar combo kits below 300000

The under Rs.3,00,000 price point is crucial to the Indian solar industry since it is accessible to a lot of people. Over the years we have seen multiple manufacturers attempting to capture this segment by offering better efficiency solar panels, latest technology inverters and batteries. In order to be the best in this segment, manufacturers have flooded the sub-Rs. 3,00,000 price segment with a range of good solar rooftop combo kits.

The Half-Cut, Mono-Crystalline solar technology which was earlier supposed to be costly & premium is now common and available at competitive price. You can also find mightier technologies such as Bi-Facial and Half-Cut with Bi-Facial solar panel at this price point, giving consumers powerful option at a bargain price.

Inverters with MPPT technology has also trickled down to the sub Rs. 3,00,000 segment over the years giving people the option to go with higher efficiency solar inverters and maximize the saving. Some of the recent MPPT Inverters we have seen in this price point pack in as much as a dual channel MPPT inverter.  With so many options in the market, picking up a best solar combo kit isn’t easy. But we’ve put together a list of the best solar rooftop combo kits under Rs. 3,00,000 for you. As usual, we've restricted ourselves to solar rooftop combo kits that have fared well in our review process.

1. Loom Solar 2 Kilowatt (1760 Watt) Half-Cut, Mono-Crystalline Solar Combo Kit (@95,000/-Rs)

The Loom Solar 2 Kilowatt Half Cut, Mono-Crystalline Combo Kit isn't path breaking in terms of features and specifications for the sub-Rs. 3,00,000 segment, but it does cover all the bases and offer a few nice extra touches. It's powerful, efficient & offers top quality performance. The new black design language around the bezels and side of panel which makes it look quite smart & elegant. 

 You get a Waaree Energies 2750 VA/24 Volts inverter which is powerful enough for running of refrigerator (up to 300 Ltr), 1 HP pump, LED TV, 4-5 Ceiling Fans and LED Lights as well as everyday tasks. Battery life is good enough to get you through at least a full day & during night for 8-10 hours depending upon the load.

The batteries are solar C-10 and comes with 5 (3+2) years standard warranty. Batteries offer excellent DOD of more than 75% and provide longer backup as compared to the normal inverter batteries. Click here to buy Loom Solar 2 kW off-grid combo kit.

Solar Panel Loom Solar 440 Watt, Half Cut, Mono-Crystalline
Inverter Waaree Energies 2750 VA/24 Volts 
Batteries Zun Solar 12 Volts, 150 Ah, Solar C-10
Suitable for 2 BHK House and Medium sized shops (without AC)


2. Luminous Solar 760 Watt, Mono-Crystalline, MPPT Combo Kit (@1,15,000/-Rs)

Luminous Solar G30 was the first company who targetted at the budget segment in India with latest MPPT technology inverters. MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) inverter technology nearly 30% more efficient as compared to PWM (Pulse width modulation) based inverters.

Luminous solar combo kit includes 380 Watt,24 Volts Mono-Crystalline solar panel (2 Nos), Luminous Solar C-10 batteries of 150 Ah capacity (4 Nos) & Luminous NXT+ 1.25 KVA MPPT Inverter. 

Luminous 760 Watt, Mono-Crystalline, MPPT solar combo kit is best suited for 1BHK house and small to medium sized shops. Click here to buy Luminous 760 Watt, Mono-Crystalline Solar Combo Kit. 

Solar Panel Luminous 380 Watt, 24 Volts, Mono-Crystalline (2 Nos)
Solar Battery Luminous Solar 12 Volts, 150 Ah, C-10 (4 Nos)
Solar Inverter Luminous NXT+ 1.25 kVA (MPPT)
Suitable for 1 BHK House & Small to Medium sized shops

3. Luminous Solar 1.5 kW, Mono-Crystalline, MPPT Combo Kit (@1,29,000/-Rs) 

Luminous Solar 1.5 kW combo kit is the budget combo kit capable to run air conditioner & is priced under Rs.1,50,000. It has Luminous NXT+ 3.75 kVA, MPPT Inverter which offers excellent efficiency of close to 100%. Kit includes Luminous Solar C-10 batteries of 150 Ah,12 Volts.

The combo kit is suitable for 3 BHK house and medium to large sized shops. Solar system is capable to run 1.5 Ton, air conditioner smoothly. Luminous Solar batteries offer excellent DOD (Depth of Discharge) of close to 85% and comes with warranty of 5 years.

Solar Panel Luminous Solar 380 Watt Mono-Crystalline (4 Nos)
Solar Inverter Luminous Solar NXT+ 3.75 kVA, MPPT Inverter
Solar Battery Luminous Solar 150 Ah Batteries (4 Nos)
Suitable for 2 BHK House and medium sized shops/offices


4. Loom Solar 5 kW, 1-Phase, Half-Cut Mono-Crystalline combo kit (@2,55,000/-Rs)

Loom Solar 5 kW, 1-Phase combo kit shares Luminous solar inverter and batteries and offers excellent performance for 3BHK house and large sized shops. Kit contains Loom Solar 440 Watt, 24 Volts, Mono-Crystalline, Half-Cut solar panels (12 Nos), Zun Solar batteries of 150 Ah (4 Nos) & Waaree Energies WEP5500/48 Volt inverter with PWM technology. 

Loom Solar 5 kW combo kit is capable to run 2 air conditioner, 2 HP pump and electric geyser (3 kW) and much more. You can install combo kit for school and offices too. Click here to buy Loom Solar 5 kW, 1-Phase combo kit.

Solar Panel Loom Solar 440 Watt, Half-Cut (Total 12 Nos)
Solar Inverter Waaree Energies WEP5500/48 Volts
Solar Battery Zun Solar C-10, 150 Ah (4 Nos)
Suitable for 3-4 BHK House, Schools, Petrol Pump, Offices etc.,


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