Moon Light Lamp, 3D, Color Changing with rechargeable battery, Pack of 1

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About 3D Moon Light Lamp, Pack of 1-

Discover the perfect accessory for your room or office with this 3D Moon Light Lamp. Its color changing ability let you match the atmosphere of the room to your mood with a gentle tap. It comes complete with a preinstalled lithium battery and a wooden stand for easy installation. Enjoy a unique atmosphere with the Moon Light Lamp.

Moonlight Lamps are more than just lighting fixtures; they are works of art that bring the tranquility and allure of the moon into your home. Whether you're looking to create a serene bedroom, a celestial dining space, or a dreamy nursery, these lamps are a versatile addition to your decor. Embrace the magic of moonlight with Moonlight Lamps and watch as your living spaces transform into ethereal realms of serenity and beauty. This product has 1 numbers of moon light lamp (Pack of 1).

Key Features of Moon Light Lamp

 1) Moon Light Lamp for bedroom decoration replicates our earth's natural and shining satellite i.e., Moon

2) Moon Light Lamp for home decoration comes with preinstalled Lithium battery to give longer backup 

3) Moon Light Lamp changes color with a gentle tap and it has seven different colours

4) Moon Light Lamp has a power switch at the boottom of the moon 

5) Moon Light Lamp from Apollo Universe gives best in class brightness and backup. 

6) Moon Light Lamp comes with a lithium battery and hence it can be taken outside for the decoration such a garden decoration, camping etc.,

Decorative ideas / Usage / Applications of 3D Moon Light Lamp

1) Indoor / Home decoration -

 3D Moon Light Lamp


3D Moon Light Lamp is the ideal choice for home decoration. Decorate your home, living room with 3D Moon Light Lamp and change the ambiance of room. 

2) 3D Moon Light Lamp for Romantic moments-1:-

 3D Moon Light Lamp

Couples buy and install 3D moon light lamp to uplift the romance to whole new level. 

3)  3D Moon Light Lamp for Romantic moments-2:-

3D Moon Light Lamp for Romance, Love, Couple

Romantic couples use printed 3D Moon Light Lamp to decorate the bedroom, and living room during the first night, Valentine Day and romantic moments. It instantly changes the ambience of the room. Just print, engrave your photo on Moon Light Lamp and hurray you are ready to go!

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