Loom Solar 390 Watt - 24 Volts, Mono Crystalline PERC Solar Panel for solar rooftop projects

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Buy Loom Solar 390 Watt, 24 Volts, highly efficient "A" grade, Mono-Crystalline solar panel with PERC technology. Loom Solar 390 Watt, 24 Volts, Mono-Crystalline solar panel generates approximately 1.4-2.0 units/day & hence monthly saving of 50-60 units. 

Loom Solar 390 Watts, 24 Volts Mono-Crystalline solar panel is made with the latest Mono-Crystalline solar panel technology from Germany, and thus it offers superior performance even under the cloudy atmosphere. Earlier Loom Solar had a 375 Watt solar panel but with extensive research and development company upgraded it to a 390 Watt solar panel.

Technical Specifications-

Wattage  390 Watts, 24 Volts 
Max. Current 9.75 Amps
Quality Highly efficient "A" Grade Mono Crystalline Cell Technology
Efficiency Best in segment efficiency of  19.5%
Warranty 25 years of performance warranty and 10 years against manufacturing defects

Dimensions (L x W x H)

197 x 100 x 4 (in cm)
Weight 23 kg
Company support sales@loomsolar.com

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