Luminous solar 10 kilowatt, 1-Phase, Polycrystalline, solar off-grid system with off grid PCU 12.5 kVA MPPT Inverter & 150 Ah solar C-10 batteries (10 Nos)- Combo Kit

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Luminous solar, 10 kilowatts, Polycrystalline, MPPT based off-grid solar system able to generate around 38-44 units/day. Luminous solar 10-kilowatt, off-grid solar panels for home, office and medium-sized shops. The luminous solar 10-kilowatt, off-grid combo pack comes with a super-efficient MPPT inverter & thus maximizes the conversion.

Key Points:-

  1. Luminous 10-kilowatts, 1-Phase, the off-grid solar system offers best in class performance at a competitive price. 
  2. Daily generation of around 38-44 units/day and thus monthly saving of around 1140-1320 units
  3. Luminous  10-kilowatts, off-grid solar for home is the best solution for 4BHK homes with an air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machines & light load.
  4. The off-grid combo pack comes with Luminous 150 Ah, Solar C-10 batteries (10 Nos)
  5. Luminous 10-kilowatts, off-grid combo pack is capable to run heavy loads such as air conditioner-3 Nos, refrigerator & good choice for the off-grid solar rooftop.

Technical Specifications:-

Brand Name Luminous
Model No PCU12.5kVA-120V1N-B150H8N-P330W-30N
Solar Panel Luminous 330 Watts, Poly-Crystalline Solar Panel
Technology Poly-Crystalline
Panel Wattage 330 Watts
Total Panels  30 Panels (330 watts x 30 = 9,900 watts)
Panel Voltage 24 Volts
Max Voltage 38 Volts
Open Circuit Voltage 45.53 V
Maximum Current 8.68 Amps
Short Circuit Current 9.62 Amps
Panel Warranty 25 Years
Battery Make Luminous Solar
Battery Luminous 150 Ah (LPTT 12150H)
Type/Technology Lead Acid, Solar C-10 Battery
No of batteries 8 Batteries
Capacity 150 Ah, 12 Volts
Battery Warranty 5 Years
Inverter Make Luminous
Inverter Model PCU 12.5 kVA
Inverter Technology MPPT
Rated AC Power 230 Volts & 26 Amps 
PV Voltage Range 80-165 Volts
Maximum Supported Power 10000 Watts (10 KW)
Inverter Warranty 2 Years
Supported Load (suggested)
Air Cooler-3, Refrigerator-2, Water Pump-5 HP, Washing Machine-2, LED TV-4, Computer-4, LED Lights-30, Fan-10 etc
Installation  By consumer
Luminous support
Customer Care 1800 103 3039 

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