Wine bottle Cork-Diwali LED Lights for Home, Diwali, Birthday, and Christmas decoration, Copper String-2 Meter Length, Warm White, Pack of 10

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    • Apollo Universe Diwali LED Lights for festival decoration- 

      Apollo Universe cork-led lights for home decoration are made from the latest LED technology and offer best-in-class performance. Now decorate your home, walls, ceilings, and temple with Apollo Universe cork-led light and make this festive season a special one. 

      Light up your Diwali celebrations with this 20 LED Wine Bottle Cork Light. Its warm white 2M Battery-Operated string lights will give your decorations a unique, festive look. This 2-pack of Copper Wire String Lights is designed to fit most bottles and is great for creating moments of illumination.  

      About this item

      • Cork Diwali LED light for home decoration comes with a 2-meter-long copper wire with 20 LEDs on it. 
      • Cork Diwali LED light for decoration comes with 3 nos of LR-44 cells preinstalled in every cork.
      • Just remove the insulator (plastic paper) above the ON-OFF switch, and your festive decoration is ready to go.
      • Cork Diwali LED light is easy to carry and is considered the best LED light for home outdoor decorations.
      • Made with the latest LED technology and larger copper wire, it offers best-in-class performance. 

      Uses/ Applications of wine bottle cork Diwali LED lights

      • Wine bottle / Glass bottle decoration

      Wine bottle cork Diwali LED Lights for Home, Diwali decoration

      Decorate empty wooden shelves, open the almirah with cork-led lights using wine or glass bottles, and turn those empty and boring places of the house into exciting and alluring ones.  

      First, insert the copper wire string into the wine glass bottle, install a cork at the neck of the bottle, and switch ON the light. Hurray, now your romantic and surprise decoration is ready for your special moments.     

      • Diwali decoration (Wall, Mandir / Temple)- 

      Cork Diwali LED Lights for Home decoration on Diwali, Dashera, birthday

      India, that is Bharat, is known as a country of festivals, and we Indians love to celebrate our festivals. Diwali is the biggest festival of them. Decorate your Mandir, Temple, and Home wall with cork-led lights and make your festival grand.

      Being lightweight and easy to adopt, any shape cork-Diwali led light is considered the best option for home decoration. Also, considered the best decorative LED wall light.  

             Apollo Universe wine bottle cork-led light for Diwali decoration will turn boring walls into excitement, and being shockproof (extremely low voltage), it is safe when kids are around it.   

      Wine bottle cork LED lights are so popular for festival decoration that some people call them battery-powered small Diwali LED lights or Diwali LED lights or LED lights for Diwali decoration. 

      • Dinner table / Honeymoon / Romantic place decoration-

      Cork Diwali LED Light for Home decoration on Diwali, Dashera, Christmas

      Cork-Diwali LED lights are the first choice among youngsters and newly married couples when it comes to decorating dinner tables, first night bed and honeymoon, etc., 

      Being a battery-powered LED light can be carried around every corner of the house and can be put on humans, too. 

      Decorate Valentine's evening, first night decoration, and dinner table decoration with Apollo Universe cork-led light and surprise your partner.

      • Outdoor decoration (Camping / Garden etc)

      Cork Diwali LED Light for home decoration, for outdoor decoration

      Worried about the outdoor decoration? Don't worry; Apollo Universe cork-led lights for outdoor decoration come with 3 numbers of preinstalled LR44 batteries. 

      Apollo Universe cork LED lights are made of 5% larger diameter copper as compared to normal LED lights, and hence, they offer best-in-class efficiency and backup. 

      Now celebrate campfire, camping decoration, and garden party even longer with Apollo Universe wine bottle cork-led lights for home outdoor decoration. 

      • Home/ceiling/wall decoration:-

      Wine Bottle Cork Diwali LED Light for Ceiling Decoration, LED Light for Home Decoration

      Ceiling wall is often ignored by many people when it comes to decoration. Most people find it difficult to install heavy wires of LED Lights (series) on the ceiling. Apollo Universe wine bottle cork-led light is here to solve the difficulty and brighten your festival and home with light. 

      Now decorate your home with Apollo Universe cork LED lights for home ceiling decoration and enjoy your festivals, romantic moments, etc., 

      • Flexible shapes (Multiple usage/application as per requirement):-

      Cork Diwali LED Light flexible shape, Heart shaped LED Light

      Apollo Universe wine bottle LED lights for home decoration come with 2-meter-long flexible copper wire and 20 numbers of LEDs installed on it. It is very easy to give any shape to the copper wire string as per occasion. 

      For Valentine, give Heart shape to the copper wire and make it romantic.

      For the Birthday, write the birthday boy/girl's name within the shape and make it special.  

      Circle and straight lines are easy and regular shapes that can be utilized on any occasion. 

      Technical Specifications:-

      Brand Name Apollo Universe
      Product Name Wine bottle Cork-LED Light
      Product Type Decorative LED lights 
      Pack of  8 Nos
      Light Colour Warm White (Yellow + White)
      Copper Wire Length 2 Meter
      Total LED lights 20 LED lights 



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